Why do you want to be a city councilor and what community organization skills, abilities and experience will you bring to the position?

I want to serve my community while reminding elected officials and citizens that a politician’s job is to listen to, “We the People” and act in the citizens best interest, not self-interest. I believe my experience has prepared me to help with event planning so we can bring in more business to our local hotel and local businesses, which in turn will bring revenue to our town. My time with community outreach has provided me with the opportunity to listen to and fully understand the concerns of Battle Ground and Clark County citizens. It also helped build my confidence with public speaking. I will bring my experience with administration, budgeting, and working well with others.

What are the key issues facing Battle Ground and how do they match your priorities?

My concerns as a City Council member are the citizens’ concerns. While out canvassing I have been able to hear many concerns, but the majority was concerned with growth and the lack of infrastructure, taxes, schools, drag racing, and park improvements.

How does Battle Ground continue to grow and at the same time retain its small-town character?

I believe we can retain our small-town character by supporting our local businesses especially the roads and environment that surround the east side of Main St., promote community engagement in the decision-making process, maintain our beautiful landscapes, i.e. older trees, parks, trails (our green spaces) and attract tourism by our towns unique attractions and events, which I have some ideas to create more local events or festivals to bring in more tourism, which will bring more revenue to our businesses and our city.

How should Battle Ground manage its traffic issues and take the burden off Main Street?

First, we need a turning light at Parkway and Main St. before anyone else gets hurt. We can alter the flow of traffic by creating alternative routes. We have more people who would like to bike or walk to local areas so it would be nice to provide safe walkways and bicycle paths, which could potentially take some vehicles off the road and would benefit the citizens quality of life; especially the retired community who lives in BG Village and have no safe route to get to the local grocery store. 

How would you work constructively with other counselors, the county council, and other legislative bodies?

I will be respectful when listening, answering questions, and offering suggestions to the city manager, mayor, all my fellow city council members, county council, and legislature.

How would you prioritize the resurfacing of roads that weren’t built to withstand the current amount of heavy traffic?

I would start by prioritizing the roads that experience the highest volume of traffic and the roads that have the most damage. I would look at the roads that are necessary for our economic activities and the roads that have the most safety concerns. Recently the city council had paid for a pavement assessment by CAPS and there was a presentation that was provided to the city council in August., therefore I would also lean on the pavement assessment and CAPS knowledge and recommendations.

What are your goals for the county comprehensive plan as it pertains to growth in Battle Ground?

I will work on preserving Battle Ground’s interests by ensuring we receive the quality services for water, sewer, stormwater, schools, parks, law enforcement and fire protection as it pertains to our current needs and our forecasted growth here in Battle Ground.

How would you prioritize and pay infrastructure needs in Battle Ground such as sewer, transportation, storm water, parks and water supply?

I would prioritize the projects that address the public’s safety and health concerns. Regarding funding, I would seek public-private partnerships first, then federal grants and state assistance last because they come with other issues.

What kind of employers and jobs should Battle Ground try to attract?

I believe we should encourage and support the growth of our local businesses so we can create more jobs and revenue while keeping Battle Grounds uniqueness and small-town feel. Due to Covid, we have a lot more people working from home, and this has caused less demand for infrastructure. I would also like to support our neighboring farmlands which could also lead to agricultural jobs, and I believe a better quality of life for our citizens. I mentioned earlier Battle Ground hosting more events, which could lead to more jobs in hospitality.

Do you think the city council has a role in promoting a diverse population in Battle Ground, why or why not?

I believe the great city of Battle Ground organically has and continues to grow in its diverse population. More and more people are wanting to move to our great city because they like it here. I believe it is the City Council’s duty to listen to its citizens and aid them with their concerns.