Your Concerns Are My Concerns!


So many of us are concerned with the amount of growth we see when driving down major sections of our city and even in our own neighborhoods. This too is a major concern of mine. Like you I have seen the concerns that come with this growth; lack of infrastructure to support all this growth, overcrowded schools, and the loss of our beautiful landscapes and small town feel that brings so many people here. If elected, I will make sure your voice is heard and that every decision the board makes, will not be made until I have shared your concerns and exhausted every avenue which has your best interest .


I went to college for accounting because I love numbers and finding out where the money is coming and going, with the task of determining where we can save and where we are wasting. I look forward to doing this while on the city council. I have seen the city council spend unnecessary money and I look forward to sharing these concerns while on the council. I feel if we are responsible with our spending then we have the great benefit of lowering taxes or at best stop finding excuses to increase taxing the hard-working citizens of this town and reduce the cost that impacts our senior citizens. We have high inflation rates, and we have retired citizens who are on fixed incomes. When the leadership of our city entertains an increase in our taxes I will stress how much this is going to impact our hard-working taxpayers, our single mother households, those who are on fixed incomes, and our households with disabilities. I will always look for other solutions other than raising your taxes!

Affordable Housing

We have many citizens in Battle Ground that worked to make this town what it is today. These are the people I look to first when I think of affordable housing. Some of these citizens are now on a fixed income and are worried about losing their homes. Many sold their property and have bought their new home, but are concerned with the rise in water, utility tax, and property tax. I believe we can provide affordable housing for our current residence by collaborating with developers and local government. Local government has the authority to review and revise zoning which could potentially help with affordable housing. We could create policies that help ensure affordable housing. There are so many avenues to look at to help our citizens on this issue of affordable housing and I look forward to helping those in need.


I believe we are designed to be compassionate towards others and understand hardships. With this we also want streets where we feel safe to walk on the sidewalks and trails in our community and our kids can play safely in their neighborhoods. I believe we do this by allowing the police to do their job, we provide them with the option to seek help through a collaboration among our local officials, non-profit organizations, and community outreach programs to coordinate efforts to share resources that will help both the homeless and ensure the safety of our citizens.

Crime and Public Safety

Although crime is low in comparison to other cities, we are seeing an increase with our population growth rate. Now is the perfect time to prepare ourselves by community awareness and provide our emergency responders with the necessary resources and tools they need to be efficient at their job to better serve our community. I love how I am seeing the police already in schools creating relationships between law enforcement and the community. I would like to continue efforts that would strengthen these relationships. I have seen the discussions between law enforcement and city council on identifying and deploying high-crime areas relative to speed enforcement in school zones. This is a great start, but I believe we also need to concentrate our efforts on community outreach to hear where there may be unknown hotspots to prevent and deter high crime rates and drag racing in neighborhoods. 

Do you prefer a council that puts its own citizens health and safety first?

Or a council that puts policy above your health and safety?  

I am here to help. I will always make sure your health and safety are more important than growth and revenue.

Your Vote Matters!